Structural changes to DEOSS community web server


I have been running various web projects since 1995. Trouble is that over that 15 years , content has become rather muddled and the function of the these various web presences has become blurred and hard to comprehend. The purpose of the changes is to mark clearly what the various sites do, so the users can access the content what they want to see, without having to wade through a shed load of other material they do not want to see.

Done already

  • Moved old garfnet to new deoss server.
  • Moved old deoss to new deoss server.
  • Installed and figured postfix c/w postfixadmin.
  • Split,, domains.
  • Created new server web log @ to inform users of DEOSS community web-server updates and changes.

The various DEOSS domains are now assigned as follows

  • is the commercial side, detailing services available to customers.
  • is the public service part with articles about Linux and open source, free open source software downloads, and other non-profit material.
  • is the host itself. It contains a public web log of server events and other hosting utilities.

To do list

  • Copy/move – Linux-based and other open source content from to
  • Move projects and other experimental content from to
  • Install and configure squirrelmail to offer all garfnet subscribers for a reasonably secure web based e-mail.
  • Install Joomla, Drupal or similar cms on to handle amalgamated and content. The new CMS will reside on and will be the default web application on that site.
  • The commercial DEOSS site, will have its own pages maybe a simple cms , word press or maybe plain html, which displays in a very clear and simple manner what deoss has to offer, including selected screen grabs of various existing customer sites.
  • will be downsized and will be an experimental and development site, with an unashamedly geeky content.  It will also retain the millennium ezine archive
  • Garfnet Pictures and the Webfooted Weblog may eventually will be split in two separate sites with separate domain names.  If Garfnet Pictures is separated from Garfnet and re-branded, then it is likely that the existing DEOSS media gallery will be integrated with it.  Both existing galleries currently include similar or some cases duplicate material and this ought to be rationalised eventually.

The various other sites hosted on this server are largely unaffected by the above changes.

  • Thanks to Oliver Bromley, Susannah Majlati and Rob Weller for their input and ideas – much of the above schedule has been based upon their input.
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