Debian upgrade completed successfully

Well, it’s 03:00 UTC and I am pleased and relieved to report that the upgrade from Debian “Lenny” to Debian “Squeeze” seems to be successful. We had two periods of downtime of around twenty minutes each.

First one was caused by the latest MySQL not wanting to install properly. Unfortunately my fix on the test server did not work here. But I eventually did get it running, by editing one of its configuration files, uninstalling the old mySQL Server – which seems not to have uninstalled cleanly – and issuing and “apt –configure” command on the new MySQL Server 5.1.

Then we had a further twenty minutes downtime when I rebooted the server. Turns out the server had run continuously for 510 days without a reboot. Try doing that on a Windows machine! 🙂 Anyway, when it rebooted, “fsck” (a Linux disk checking tool) insisted on checking the RAID disks. Eventually they passed OK and the machine booted fine.

I have checked the web and  mail servers and everything seems to be fine. I can send and receive emails – certainly to myself. The web server must be working otherwise I would not be able to post this message! There are other tests I need to conduct. However, I’m exhausted and I intend to catch some sleep now and return to it refreshed in a few hours, so that I can undertake further tests. Meantime the entire server is being “rsync’d” to a remote backup server.

Please note:- this is a very major system upgrade. So if you find that anything is not working as expected for you then please let me know ASAP.

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